Created in 1997 on the initiative of rural territories involved in the European rural development program LEADER (Link between Actions for the Development of the Rural Economy), Leader France today represents the 339 LEADER territories in mainland France and its overseas territories of ​​the 2014-2020 programming.

Leader France is the only network dedicated to defending the fundamentals of Leader (local development led by local actors, innovation, capitalization, dissemination of good practices, inter-territorial and transnational cooperation, etc.). The network also defends the most efficient management of the program.

Member of many national and European bodies, Leader France is a recognized partner and intervenes to relay the difficulties of the territories but also to promote their successes.

Leader France, as a co-founding member of the French Rural Parliament, leads its Europe Commission, which aims to bring together all the actors involved in rural development, in order to defend the place of rural areas within the European Union and to ruralize community policies.