Surrounded by the sea, the Côtes-d’Armor departement is generally quite hilly. To the south is the Armorican Massif which offers beautiful wooded areas. The coastline of the departement is remarkable thanks to the wide variety of its coasts: The Emerald Coast and the Pink Granite Coast, particularly impressive with its pink rocks, the apotheosis of which is in Ploumanac’h with its enormous chaotic rocks.

The variety of coastal landscapes is truly fascinating, from fine sandy beaches lapped in lagoons to jagged cliffs. Also remarkable is the bay of Saint-Brieuc, kingdom of scallops. Take the time to visit the island of Bréhat. This destination offers you a religious, architectural, military heritage… a reflection of the history of Brittany. Discover the archaeological sites where myths, beliefs and legends still hover, the Castles of Quintin, from Bienassis to Erquy, the ramparts, the maritime and medieval cities. The Art and History museums in Saint-Brieuc, the Mathurin Méheut museum in Lamballe or the Resistance in Argot museum in Saint-Connan.

Renowned for the beauty of its landscapes, the Côtes-d’Armor department is also renowned for its towns and cities of character. This is how we discover the famous pink granite and Emerald coasts, real wonders, but also towns steeped in history such as Dinan, Lannion, Tréguier, Moncontour…

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