New municipality of Côtes-d’Armor, in Brittany, Ploeuc-L’Hermitage was born in January 2016 from the merger of L’Hermitage-Lorge and Ploeuc-sur-Lié. Plœuc-L’Hermitage is a dynamic rural town of 8,227 hectares (including 2,700 hectares of forest) and 4,121 inhabitants within Saint-Brieuc Armor Agglomeration, located 20 kilometers south of Saint-Brieuc, prefecture of the Côtes d ‘Armor departement.

Ancient, the territory has been populated for many centuries, as evidenced by certain vestiges found locally. Hotbed of resistance during World War II, L’Hermitage still has a very beautiful architectural heritage. Ploeuc also presents a large number of old residences demonstrating the wealth of the city over time.

Still very popular for its proximity to some of the most beautiful tourist sites in the region, the town of Ploeuc-L’Hermitage also has pleasant landscapes to explore during a stay in the area.

It has a rich and varied private and cultural heritage: the site of the Butte Rouge, where 55 resistance fighters were murdered in July 1944, the Saint-Just chapel, the menhir of Bayo, the forest and the castle of Lorge, a conservatory of apple and pear trees, and a conservatory of potatoes.

Plœuc-L’Hermitage hosts many local events, but also national (cultural, sporting) such as the 2017 French Mountain Bike Championships (20,000 visitors) or the Potato Festival (35,000 visitors).